Serving Others, Locally and Globally

Feeding the Hungry

Four times each year, Church of the Dunes holds a Brown Bag Sunday. Paper grocery bags filled with non-perishable food items are gathered to give to local food pantries.  

Volunteers from Church of the Dunes serve at Supper House once each month, serving over 100 meals each time. 

The children at Church of the Dunes help feed the hungry too by collecting things like shelf-stable milk and non-perishable food items to share with school students in need. 

Sheltering Families

Church of the Dunes partners with nearby organizations to provide support and shelter for families in need. The church also hosts families for one week, 3 – 4 times per year, providing an evening meal, a place to sleep, assistance with laundry, breakfast, and transportation back to the day center each morning during the hosting week. 

Gathering to Give

Periodically, Church of the Dunes gathers things like school supplies and personal hygiene supplies to send where they are needed in our country and our world.  

Church of the Dunes members and friends knit, crochet, and sew many blankets, scarves, hats, and mittens to share with veterans, new parents, patients, and others in need. 

Would you like to make a difference?

Watch the Sunday worship bulletin announcements section, the monthly newsletter, or contact the church office for more information about ways to serve and volunteer.

Would you like to give a financial gift?

One Sunday per month the worship service includes a “Mission Moment” with information about a local helping and serving organization. Monetary gifts for the highlighted organization are welcomed. A “Hunger Offering” to benefit a local food pantry is also received once each month

Local Organizations

By gathering financial resources, goods, or providing volunteer service, Church of the Dunes serves many local and regional organizations, including Family Promise of the Lakeshore, The Salvation Army, Love In Action Tri-Cities, Mosaic (formerly TCM Counseling), Supper House, Habitat for Humanity, and others. 

United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR)

Church of the Dunes supports the work of UMCOR, which responds with disaster relief for those in need all over the world. 

Memorial Fund Committee Education Grant

The United Methodist Church of the Dunes Memorial Fund Committee will consider applications for Education Grants or Scholarships for up to $1,000 per applicant.  

Eligible applicants will be members of Church of the Dunes for a minimum of three years, and be in regular attendance. Children and grandchildren of those meeting this criteria may also be eligible. 

Click or tap the brown button below for application instructions and deadlines. 

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