Ministry Leaders

Staff-Parish Relations Committee

This is essentially the “personnel committee” for the church, providing supervision and support for the paid staff, working directly with the lead pastor.  This team helps articulate the vision and mission of the church to focus staff energy and to secure pastoral leadership appropriate to this church.  Committee members usually meet monthly.


Stewardship Committee

Church members serving on the Stewardship Committee develop and implement strategies that help our members grow in their faithful response to God’s grace in the dimensions of “prayers, presence, gifts, service, and witness.”  Typically, this committee is most active in the late summer and fall.


Finance Committee

Members of the Dunes’ Finance Committee propose the annual budget, based on the annual stewardship programs.  They arrange for the appropriate procedures for handling the weekly offering and keeping track of giving.  Committee members meet approximately every other month.



The church trustees are responsible for all of the physical property of the church ministry.  This includes maintenance, repair, new construction and planning.   Trustees hold monthly meetings and work on special assignments and projects.


Committee on Nominations and Leadership Development

This committee identifies and recruits the leaders and officers of the church.  Most of their work occurs in late summer and fall.  They hold approximately four meetings per year.


Members at Large:  Church Council

The Church Council is the “big picture” group in the church, composed of the committee chairs and other key leaders, as well as a few “members at large” who can provide deeper and wider perspective for the visioning, guiding, evaluating, and long-range planning functions of our overall church ministry.  Church Council members hold four or five meetings per year.


Commission on Worship

This commission arranges for our ongoing worship life.  Members help reflect the needs and wishes of the congregation to the staff— with regard to worship— and ensure that details of our worship life are cared for.  The commission members also plan special and annual worship experiences.  Meetings are held monthly, except during the summer months.


Commission on Missions and Social Concerns

This group attends to the application of the gospel to life in the political and social realms.  It also responds to a variety of human needs with food, shelter, clothing, training, and advocacy—both in our local neighborhood and around the world.   Mission Commission members typically meet monthly.


Invitation and Welcome Committee

Members of this group provide leadership and training to help our congregation reach out to those without a church home.  They also warmly welcome those who visit us at church.  Those who join this committee enjoy meeting others, they have the gift of hospitality, plus the ability to speak about the importance of Christian faith in a sensitive and thoughtful manner.  Committee members hold monthly meetings on the third Thursday of every month, except in the summertime.


Planned Giving Committee

The Planned Giving Committee oversees the areas of Endowment and Memorials to the church.  Committee members educate our congregation about the value of long-term gifts toward the Endowment, as well as administer all aspects of Endowments and Memorial gifts received.  They also determine how undesignated Memorials will be used.


Visual Arts Council

This committee oversees the artwork and visual information on display in the church.  Members also ensure the church maintains a physical appearance that is aesthetic in nature, while maintaining the integrity of architect Alden B. Dow’s original design for the building.


Wednesday Dinner Committee

Members of this unique committee work with the Kitchen Coordinator in planning meals and making logistical arrangements for the popular Wednesday Night Dinner programs that are offered throughout the school year.


Age-Level Councils

These task groups plan for and implement ministries of learning and spiritual formation for their respective age groups.   They work with a designated staff person who oversees each area.  Task groups include:

  • Nursery and Pre-School Council
  • Children’s Council
  • Youth Council
  • Adult Council

United Methodist Church of the Dunes staff members recruit new members to serve on their respective Councils.