Prayer Ministry

How Does the Prayer Ministry Work?

The church invites those desiring to join more than 70 members who actively participate in the Prayer Ministry each week.  Prayers are made for the congregation, our ministry teams, missionaries, staff, volunteers, family, friends and the world.  In one form or another, the Prayer Ministry has been active for more than 30 years at the Church of the Dunes.  Our desire is to seek God’s help in healing, wisdom, strength and guidance for those who express such needs.  Due to the ever-increasing requests for prayer, this ministry is growing every year.

How Do I Ask for Prayers For My Family, Friends and Loved Ones?

There are three ways to make prayer requests:


1.  Telephone Prayer Chain:

This access point is for those who do not use e-mail, or otherwise need to use the telephone to contact Prayer Ministry members to pray for them and their loved ones.  Contact:  Phyllis Nickey at 616-842-7059.




2.  E-mail Prayer Chain:

Email_IconThose who want to write down the names of those to be prayed for and their specific concerns can access Prayer Ministry team members by sending an e-mail to the church office: or to Kay Cansfield:  All requests are then forwarded as they are received to all other Prayer Ministry team members.


3.  UMC-Dunes Orange Response Card:

Individuals who worship at church can simply write down their prayer requests on the orange Response Cards (which are available at the Welcome Center) and place them in the offering plates.  Ushers will take them to the church office, where a member of the Prayer Ministry team will collect them and share the requests, via e-mail, with all others on the team who are praying for those in need.

Prayer requests, prayer chain, and e-mail graphics:  Google images