Church Library

What Types of Books Does the Church Library Contain?

The UMC Dunes Library is a valuable resource for members with its collection of inspirational fiction, non-fiction, Bible reference, Bible commentaries, Bible atlases, devotionals, caregiver resources and audio-visual materials for all ages.  Hundreds of books are available for check out—for up to one month—to help individuals gain a closer understanding of faith topics.

Works by popular contemporary authors, such as Adam Hamilton, Marcus Borg, Philip Gulley, James Mulholland, Francis Collins, Max Lucado, Beverly Lewis, Karen Kingsbury, Philip Yancy, Neta Jackson, Tracie Peterson and others line the shelves.  For children, the Library has a large collection of Christmas and Easter books, Bibles and Veggie Tales to help them learn and become inspired.  Other materials include various Bible translations, parallel Bibles, theology and social concerns books, church history, early church Reformation materials, biographies, parenting resources, inspirational Amish fiction, nature, ecology and music books.  Materials are available in physical book formats, as well as DVDs, CDs, books on tape and even on audio cassettes.

Can Anyone Use the Church Library?

The church Library is for members’ use and is a benefit of church membership.

Does the Library Have Large Print Editions?

Yes.  The Library does have specialty, large print editions of various materials.  For those needing special assistance, please check with the Librarian to discuss specific needs.

Who Do I Contact If I Want to Check Out Library Materials?

The church Librarian can be reached by calling the church Administrative Office:  616/842-7980.