I’m New – Become A Member

I’m NewHow Do I Find Out More About The Church and Become a Member?

Inquirer’s Class/New Member Classes

If you or someone you know has been attending church but not yet taken the next step of commitment as an intentional disciple, we invite you to attend our inquirer’s classes.

What can one expect to learn during the weekly series?

Discussions about “who we are,” our core values and “what we believe,” both as a church and a United Methodist congregation, will take place.  We delve into a greater understanding of church founder John Wesley’s unique heritage developed for the church, featuring the founding principles of:  scripture, tradition, reason and experience.  Plus, we explore the various ways we live out our church mission and how you might fit into our congregation with “open hearts, open minds and open doors.”

You may have read the sign as you drive or walk up the hill from Sheldon Road to church.  It reads… “Come to WorshipLeave to Serve.”  So many people who worship here are doing so many good things for the church, community and world to help those who need us most.  We offer numerous ways to connect with others, engage in worship and service, plus go deeper in relationship with God and the church.


Becoming a United Methodist Church of the Dunes Member

The process of commitment to our church is simple: attending the inquirer’s class sessions, making a formal commitment to continue your faith journey at the United Methodist Church of the Dunes during a worship service,  and participating in the “Disciple’s Path” study series.

As the church’s founder, John Wesley, said:  “The world is my parish.”  We invite you to become a very vital part of our work and worship here in this meaningful and stimulating tradition.


Does the Church Offer Child Care So I Can Attend These Sessions?

Yes – nursery, for children up to 5 years of age, is available.  If you have interest in attending as part of your decision to make a church commitment with us, please contact our senior pastor by calling:  616-842-7980