Building Use Policy

Building Use Policy
United Methodist Church of the Dunes
Grand Haven, Michigan

All events/activities must be scheduled through the church office. Regularly scheduled church
meetings and activities of United Methodist Church Of the Dunes will have first priority in the use of the facilities. Other church related meetings and functions have second priority. The Pastor of the UMCOD has the final decision in prioritizing use of the church facilities and fee structures.

Here is the fee schedule for non-church sponsored events (to be paid in advance of the event or activity):

Room(s) Requested Church Member or
Non-Profit Organization
Non-Member or
Sanctuary $100.00 $350.00
Social Hall – Lower Level $50.00 $150.00
Kitchen – Lower Level $20.00 + Kitchen Coordinator $50.00 + Kitchen Coordinator
Ryder Lounge $30.00 $60.00
Classroom $30.00 for day $30.00 for 4 hours; $60 for day
Wiltse Center $75.00 $250.00
Kitchen – Wiltse Center $25.00 + Kitchen Coordinator $75.00 + Kitchen Coordinator

General Usage Guidelines:
(The guidelines are for Member and Non-Member facility usage.)

  • Those wishing to use the church facilities must fill outRoom Reservation Request Form and receive approval prior to the event. Forms are also available at the church office. Approval will not be given without a completed form on file in the church office. Each requesting party will be provided a copy of this Building Use Policy and provide signature that they have received and agree to said policy.
  • When a church-related meeting or function causes a scheduled non-church meeting or event to move or to be cancelled, the affected person or organization will be given as much advance notice as possible.
  • Controlled substances, weapons, and alcoholic beverages are not allowed on church property.
  • Smoking is prohibited.
  • All organizations using the Wiltse Center for an organized sporting activity must provide proof of insurance coverage and release of liability to the UMCOD.
  • Trash (paper goods, decorations, food waste, etc.) is to be taken out with you when you leave. Full trash bags shall be tied closed and deposited in the dumpster behind the building. All items associated with your activity must be removed immediately after the activity.
  • No “sit down” meals are allowed in the Ryder Lounge without prior approval of and attendance by the Kitchen Coordinator.
  • The Sanctuary is to be used only for Christian activities. The Church Council must approve any non-conforming use.
  • If furniture is re-arranged for your activity, please return it to its original location before you leave.

Kitchen Usage:
The following guidelines apply to both church kitchens.

  • The UMCOD Kitchen Coordinator will be required to be on duty for anyone using the kitchen facilities that involve the preparation and serving of food and the cleaning of the kitchen during the event. See the “Building Request Form” for a schedule of fees. The Kitchen Coordinator can be contacted in advance of the event to assist in planning and preparations and to ensure that everything that is needed for the event is available.
  • When a church group is using the church kitchen facilities for dinners, luncheons, etc., the Kitchen Coordinator shall be notified in advance.
  • All members and non-members will be assessed a $4.00 charge per linen tablecloth used. Table linens may not be removed from the church. Placemats may be used at a cost of $5.00 per hundred.
  • Paper products and other consumables in the kitchens and pantries are only available for church use.
  • The kitchen, serving rooms, and dining rooms shall be cleaned and left in order at the conclusion of an event.
  • No alcoholic beverages or smoking is allowed on church property. See General Usage Guidelines (above).
  • All tables shall be protected from hot dishes.
  • All food must be removed from the church upon the conclusion of the event or it will be Disposed of the next day. This includes all food left in refrigerators and/or freezers.
  • Due to increased liability concerns and Health Department rules, all food must be prepared, cooked and served on the church premises. Food may not be stored, refrigerated or frozen and taken to other locations unless prior permission is granted by the Board of Trustees.
  • Dishes, pots, pans, serving trays and pieces, utensils, coffee pots may not be removed from the premises without permission of the Kitchen Coordinator and/or the Board of Trustees.  Kitchen facilities and equipment may not be used for private catering purposes.
  • New tables and chairs in the Wiltse Center are not available for member or non-member use at outside events. “Old” tables and chairs may be used by members only for outside purposes but only after prior written approval is received by the office. A count, plus removal and return dates must be provided and strictly adhered to.
  • Dishwasher water temperature shall be 170 degrees.  Allow adequate time for dishwasher water heater to come up to temperature.
  • All items hand washed in the sinks shall be washed, rinsed, and disinfected. Required water temperature and guidelines are posted in the kitchens.
  • All washed items shall be air dried. Cloth dish towels shall not be used. All dishes shall be cleaned and put away, not left for others to return to their proper locations.
  • Garbage shall be bagged and placed in the dumpster behind the church.
  • Stoves, microwaves, ovens, coffee pots and all other kitchen equipment shall be thoroughly cleaned at the conclusion of the event.

Equipment Rules:

  • No tacks or nails shall be driven into furniture or woodwork.
  • Non-church organizations shall be responsible for the expense of, the repair of or replacement should any damages occur.
  • Scouting organizations or their sponsoring groups shall also be responsible for the expenses of necessary repairs.
  • Audio-visual equipment may not be removed from the church by a non-church organization or non-member.
  • Only individuals approved by our organist may play the church organ.
  • The user is responsible for any breakage, damage or loss of equipment and shall be reported immediately to the church office so that reparations and adjustments can be properly expedited, assessed and added to the charges for use of the facility.

The Pastor of the UMCOD has the authority to make appropriate decisions on a case-by-case
basis should there be items not covered by this policy or items that require clarification.

Adopted by Administrative Board: 8-26-15