Facility Availability

Facility Availability

With a contemporary Sanctuary designed by famed architect Alden B. Dow, the spacious multi-purpose Wiltse Center added in 2001, the number of class and meeting rooms, plus the gorgeous acreage of sand dunes and woods surrounding the church, it is truly a sacred space that is busy with the activity of many organizations and groups.

 Who Can Use or Rent The Church Facilities?

We allow groups outside of our congregation to use or rent space here, as they are available. Persons may rent the facility based upon a first-come, first-served basis.  Church members take precedence in use of the facility.

What Are Your Policies for Renting the Facilities?

Click here for our Building Use Policy

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What room configurations do you offer?

Room Setup Diagram

Who Do I Contact To Make Room Reservations?

Contact the church office:  616/842-7980 to determine availability and to initiate a building use request.